Mykolaiv is a big industrial city on the South of Ukraine where for 18 months my older brother served in the Ukrainian army. As a serviceman he received a tiny apartment where he lived with his girlfriend. The building was constructed in the 1940s by captured Germans as a storehouse. It had served as barracks in the past and now as a residential house. There was only one bathroom for five residing families. We spent three nights together in the yard in front of the house drinking raw beer and watching military planes taking off just next to the house. Drinking is probably the healthiest thing you can do in hot summer if you are a serviceman in Ukraine, and if you live in such a city as Mykolaiv. Well, you can also jump from bridges. Mykolaiv has hundreds of them. I jumped from one 7 meters high in order to prove myself that I was as cool as the boys I’d been photographing.

Publication: L’Organe, Magazine francophone de Concordia (Montreal, 2016)