“Sure of having travelled far, one finds that one is looking down on oneself from above. The journey rejuvenates things, and ages the relationship with oneself.” (Michel Foucault)

Strangers To Ourselves is a project about travellers within their own identity. It presents a collection of photo id’s of individuals who are performing, stating or questioning their identity through the change of name; sometimes official, sometimes not. Some of the travellers are fleeing their roots while some are coming back to them after a long separation. Some have been always feeling that their name does not belong to their body. These are travelling home. Some are redefining themselves as more complex or more simple. Some are making subtle political statements. What is common for all the strangers is a state of destabilization, fluidity. They all took a conscious decision to commit a journey to the unknown destination.

Exhibition: VAV gallery, Concordia University (2017, Montreal)